What We Do

ResHydro is a clean technology firm that harnesses the power of water currents to produce utility grade electricity.

Per the laws of physics, our patented hydropower system converts the maximum amount of energy from any water flow. We do this by inducing and maintaining the phenomenon of flutter continuously operating at the point of resonance.

Waterpower remains the largest source of clean, baseload power generation in the world with thousands of untapped resources around the globe. Utilizing this immense resource, we are excited to move forward and help shape the global energy market.

Why We Are Different: Efficiency on All Fronts
Our unique hydrofoil design supports a low levelized cost of energy. Scalable, modular, and highly cost competitive, Reshydro's technology enjoys a favorable position in today's capital and regulatory environment.
Our Patented System induces "flutter" at all water velocities, creating a broad operating range and markedly higher overall water-to-wire efficiency.
Our round-edged hydrofoils operate at very low frequencies, far too slow to endanger marine life or produce any irregular water patterns.