Modular and scalable, our unique yet simple hydrofoil-based design allows for true economies of scale, with low capital costs and a low levelized cost of energy.

Our two to four hydrofoil modules are designed to be installed in large arrays, while still enjoying operational independence between single units – that is, for regular maintenance or emergency repair, an individual HCR module may be stopped, removed, and replaced while the rest of the units continue to operate at full capacity.


The HCR's proven water-to-wire efficiency, established in our 2000 proof of concept test, demonstrated overall efficiencies greater than that of turbine-based competitors. The system is capable of extracting maximum power at all times and in all water conditions.


Due to its broad operating range, the HCR can be installed and maintained at all depth levels and in all water velocities. This allows HCR power plants to be sited in a variety of locations. The HCR is also unobtrusive and designed to be entirely submerged, causing no visual impact or obstacle to shipping or recreational activities.


Our specially shaped hydrofoils operate at very low frequencies, far too slow moving to endanger marine life or produce any harmful turbulence. Further, unlike some competing technologies, we generate electricity onshore, avoiding concerns over electrical leakage in the marine environment. ResHydro presents a truly environmentally sound source of clean energy.


Born of the aeronautics industry, our sealed hydraulic power transmission system is reliable in the harshest of conditions.